What is a PIVX Ambassador

A PIVX Ambassador is someone from anywhere around the world that has made the decision to dedicate their time and resources to spread the vision of PIVX and encourage people, merchants, and Investors to invest in PIVX.  They represent PIVX.

Requirements to become a PIVX Ambassador:

  • Core Knowledge of PIVX
  • Willing to represent PIVX publically
  • Respect PIVX and PIVX members
  • Active in the Discord or other communication portals.
  • Be an active volunteer for at least 2 months and find 3 longstanding PIVians to vouch for your character and conduct
  • Host at least one Meetup

Expectations as an Ambassador:

  • Hosting local meetups in their city or country to meet fellow PIVians and educate newcomers on what PIVX is.
  • Assist marketing team by providing any material such as Photographs, Videos, and articles of their meetups and merchant relations, etc.
  • Recruit friends in the same country you are an ambassador of to help promote PIVX.
  • Teach others about PIVX.
  • Make videos with the team to educate people in your country on PIVX. (In your Language or English.)
  • If possible work with the exchange team to coordinate local exchanges to add PIVX trading pair.
  • Attempt to attend any possible Cryptocurrency meetups in your area and represent PIVX.
  • Be a contact for PIVX PR team as they work to generate local media releases about the activities in your region.
  • Mentor others to be Ambassadors within your region to share the load.

Tools to work with:

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