We sell software and other hard-to-find digital items like audiobooks, a custom script and some programs to remove all the spyware that Windows 10 builds into its OS, games, culturally banned items like ebooks, tv show episodes, etc. (nothing illegal), and more.

Products are usually torrent-based. We take out all the risk by removing any viruses, providing detailed instructions to the end user (instructions that a novice would understand), and we provide email support.

We only provide good and working products that we’ve personally tested.

We try to price everything at a flat $5 unless its custom, or a bundle, or a Windows OS.

We accept PIVX (of course), and also Paypal, Debit/Credit cards, and the following other crypto currencies:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, SEND, Pirate coin (ARRR), Colossus (COLX), Zenzo (ZNZ), Electra (ECA), Niobio (NBR),  and Galilel (GALI).

Address & Contact

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